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Welcome to the Pella Community Schools Transportation page.

At the present time we have 23 different routes that we run on a daily basis to pick up and drop off students. 16 of these routes are traditional yellow bus routes, while 2 are equipped with lifts for wheel chairs and 5 are vans or suburbans to transport students with special needs.

Of the 16 traditional routes, 2 pick up strictly in the city limits of Pella and run 2 routes both AM and PM. The other 14 pick up from a variety of stops (family homes in the country, small communities, housing developments, and various places throughout the town of Pella).

We also have 3 buses that we use mainly for activities and 5 that are subs for when a regular route bus is out on an activity or is in need of maintenance or repairs. There are also 20 support and maintenance vehicles that we maintain for staff, programs, and activities.

We are continually looking for personnel to help us as sub drivers and this quite often transforms into a position as a route driver.

Please call us at (641) 628-3486 with any questions. We will do our best to help you out as best we can.

Transportation Staff

Name Position
Harlan DenAdel Transportation Director
Josh Gritters Mechanic
Darcy Hol Transportation Admin Assistant