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District Food Services Food Allergies/Special Diets

Pella Schools Are Peanut/Tree Nut Aware

The most common life-​t​hreatening allergies are to peanuts and tree nuts. Pella Community School District cannot guarantee that a student will never experience an allergy-​r​elated event while at school. However, the risk of accidental exposure to allergens can be reduced in the school setting if schools partner with students, parents, and healthcare professionals to minimize risks and to provide a safe educational environment for severely allergic students.

We are aware that some students have life-threatening food allergies and may require specific instructions in food preparation. Pella Community School Food Service has removed peanut and tree nut products from lunches and snacks during school hours. This includes removing products that have peanuts or tree nuts listed as ingredients in the allergen content labeling. This does not include products that may be manufactured in a facility that processes peanut or tree nut products.


Requesting Diet Modifications

If your child has been diagnosed with a disability or life­-threatening food allergy and needs a substituted menu, it is required that you, as the parent, have a​ D​iet Modification Form* completed and signed by a physician licensed by the State. Included in this form are specifics from the physician of what your child may and may not eat. Once completed, the form is to be returned to the School Nurse at your child’s appropriate building.

Food Service personnel will use the physician directed dietary instructions to attempt to meet the specifics of your child’s dietary requirements. The Food Service Department will work closely with you to begin putting this into place as soon as possible. Developing the best dietary plan for your child can take a few weeks. Depending on your child’s situation, it may be necessary for you to provide your child a lunch from home until a plan is in place.

*Diet Modification Forms will remain valid unless there is a change in your child’s Dietary needs. In this case, a new Diet Modification Form must then be completed by your physician.


Board-Approved Documentation