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District Branding and Logos

The Pella Community School District has developed a brand that represents our district.

It is important that these logos be used consistently and correctly. The district has taken steps to protect its trademarked logos and ensure proper use. It is important to become familiar with these rules and guides before using the logos of the district.

  • The district may determine whether the use of the license is aligned with the branding and style guide.
  • The district reserves the right to determine if the requested use of the logo will be permitted.
  • A Pella Branding and Style Guide, as well as the Little Dutch Academy Guide have been developed to govern the use of our logos.
  • High quality art files are available upon request. Do not save the images from the website, as these images are low-resolution saved and are not considered suitable for print use.

To become a licensed vendor, please fill out and submit a Trademark Agreement to the attention of the Business Department at the district office – 210 E. University Street, Pella, IA, 50219