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News Special Education Receives Donation from Knights of Columbus

Published on January 17, 2018

Pella High School’s special education department recently received $7,962.00 from the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus is a Christian organization started in 1882 by a Catholic priest to raise money for single mothers who lost their husbands. Since then, nearly two million Catholic men around the world are part of the Knights of Columbus.  

In 1974, the Knights of Columbus members of Iowa started raising money for special education. For special education departments in Pella, the Knights have been raising money for 19 years. To raise the money, the Knights of Columbus hand out tootsie rolls outside of stores and ask local businesses for donations. The check for $7,962.00 was presented to Lorri Grubb, Head of the Special Education Department, at the basketball game on December 8.

It was AMAZING to see the generous amount the community was able to donate to our special education program in the district through the Knights of Columbus’ Campaign for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities! Joe Lickteig said it was going to be even more than last year’s donation, and last year’s check was $5000! This year’s donation of nearly $8,000.00 is just mind-blowing!” Grubb commented.

Joe Lickteig, a member of Knights of Columbus, says the group plans to continue raising money for special education departments. They are hoping to raise even more money year next school year as the fall will mark the Knights 20th anniversary raising money for Pella’s special education departments.