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News Little Hawkeye Conference Art Show 2023

Published on April 10, 2023

The annual 2023 Little Hawkeye Conference Art Day was held on Wednesday, April 5th hosted by DCG in Grimes. Each of the eight conference schools are allowed to send 10 art students and 20 pieces of artwork overall to represent their art

The Event includes three main components:

Competitive Art Show

Each conference school can submit up to 20 pieces of art work. There are a total of 19
categories in which art work may be entered. After the show is judged, first, second and
third place awards are given in each category. Honorable Mention ribbons may also be
award if the judge chooses. The works are reviewed in person the day of the show, and
there is a website where the entire show may be viewed.
LHC Art Show 2023

•Art from eleven Pella High School students was entered into 9 different categories. Pella Students were recognized with ribbons in 8 of those nine categories!
•Twelve of the twenty pieces Pella submitted were recognized with ribbons.
• The participants & awards are listed at the end of this information.
Pella senior Cor Huyser’s ceramic piece was awarded BEST IN SHOW for Three
Dimensional work!


“Make it Challenge”

For the second year, the students have enjoyed participating in this art challenge while the
show is being judged. The students in attendance, working in teams or solo, create an
original piece of art in a little less than 3 hours. They were instructed to use the theme of
“Sense of Place” along with a randomly chosen second prompt like “past” or “distance.”
After the works are completed, the students in attendance judge and vote for their top
choices in three categories.
•The artwork created by the team of Taryn Peffers and Stephanie Masek was
recognized in the category of best theme development with a 2nd place trophy!


LHC All Conference Artist Awards
Recognition of a select few of top art students are nominated & endorsed by the LHC Art
Departments. These distinguished art students are nominated and recognized by their art
teachers based on their dedication to their art, their contributions to the art department
and commitment to excellence.
• Pella High School’s All Conference Artist honors were awarded to senior Abbey
Beal and junior Lydia Vos.


Congratulations to all of the 2023 Little Hawkeye Conference Art participants:

Abbey Beal: 2023 All Conference Artist, Honorable Mention in Ink Drawing, Honorable Mention in
Color Pencil Drawing.

Cor Huyser: Best in Show 3D (Hand-built Ceramics)

Tessa Kolb

Whitney Ebeling: First Place in Wearable Art/Jewelry, Second Place in Watercolor

Lily Lovell

Stephanie Masek: Second Place in Wearable Art/Jewelry, Second Place in “Make it
Challenge- Theme Development”


Taryn Peffers: Second Place in Crafts/Fiber/Glass, Second Place in “Make it Challenge-
Theme Development”

Nora Rasmussen: Third Place in Chalk/Oil Pastel/Crayon.

Ellie Schmitz: Second Place in Hand Built Ceramics.

Lyndi Schulte

Lydia Vos: 2023 All Conference Artist, First place in Crafts/Fiber/Glass, Second Place in
Acrylic Painting and Honorable Mention in Acrylic Painting.