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News Another Successful Cabaret Performance

Published on March 11, 2016

By Kennady Klein (photo by Bronwyn Metcalf)

Cabaret comes around once a year for the community of Pella. This event showcases the talent of the singers and performers at the end of the show choir season.

Many people attend Cabaret each year. They arrive at the starting time and sit down to eat food that is catered for them. While eating, they have dinner music including solos and duets of the choir students.

“Cabaret is a very entertaining event where the audience is sat down to a dinner, and they are able to watch auditioned musical groups perform and entertain them,” said sophomore Bailee Meyer.

As long as people can remember, there have only been two shows, but since so many more people have started attending, they have had to make three different showtimes.

Accompanist Barbara Boertje DeVries said, “This event has been very popular over the years, and when we’ve had two performances, they have been very full.  We can allow for more space in the gymnasium with an additional show (setting up for a few less tables) and this also gives people with busy schedules more options.”

Not only do many people try out for solos, but only the most talented are chosen. Only the people trying out for a solo know what it is like. The singers go into the tryout with many nerves and with great hope that you did well.

Freshman Andie Sinderman is a person who earned herself a solo.  She said, ”It is very laid back but nerve racking. When you try out, you are alone with Mrs. Chaplin. You sing your song and hope you did well. If there are any parts you mess up on while you run through she will let you work on them.”

From trying out for a solo to preparing for guests to come, Cabaret is a work in progress each year, but many of the students say that is all worth it in the end.

Bailee Meyer said, “I mean, cabaret is awesome and of course there are times where I get tired but in the end it is so worth it. To be able to spend that much time with people who truly value the music department as much as I do is so amazing and to be able to show the community what we do and what we work for is amazing.”