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News Welcome to Our New Teachers!

Published on August 20, 2019

Pella Community Schools welcomed 20 new teachers to the district for the 2019/20 school year.  The teachers took part in New Teacher Orientation on Monday, August 19, giving them an opportunity to learn about the district’s direction, culture and mission of maximizing opportunities for every child.

We are excited to introduce this fabulous group of individuals:

Pictured from left to right.

First Row:  Jourdan Van Wyk, Jennifer Gaesser, Morgan Ernst, Morgan Forsythe, Haley, & Montana Crawford

Middle Row: Jackie Sunderman, Mallory Peterson, Mary McDowell, Kaylee Willadsen,Carley Van Hal, Kristin Coble & David Bouska

Back Row: Jay Pike, Heidi Whaley, Linda Russell, Laura Fank, Erin Phillips & Taaf Vermeulen

Not Pictured:  Allison TerLouw