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News Pella Community School District Receives High Marks in Iowa School Performance Profile

Published on October 25, 2022

The Department of Education released the Iowa School Performance Profiles on October 21. All schools in the Pella Community School District received rankings of Exceptional (Pella Middle School) or High Performing (Jefferson Intermediate, Lincoln Elementary, Madison Elementary, Pella High School). 

After two years of frozen designations due to the pandemic, the Department is required to identify schools that are in need of comprehensive and targeted assistance in the fall 2022 release. No support is required for any of the buildings in the Pella Community School District, as noted in the ESSA Support Status.


ISPP Accountability Data Summary 2022

Pella Community School District Overall Scores/Rankings



Pella Middle School (67.25)


High Performing

Jefferson Intermediate (62.44)

Lincoln Elementary (62.44)

Madison Elementary (62.44)

Pella High School (63.92)


Pella ranked #2 overall in the state for the 2022 State ISASP average score (90.04%) for all tests (includes English, Math and Science scores for 5th, 8th and 10th grades). The average score among all school districts in Iowa is 66.56.

The Iowa School Performance Profiles is an online tool showing how public schools performed on required measures. The website was developed to meet both federal and state requirements for publishing online school report cards. For more information, visit