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Lincoln Elementary Academics & Curriculum Student Assistance Team

When students are struggling in an academic area or with their behavior, teachers may elect to submit concerns to our SAT (Student Assistance Team) process. The following are facts related to the SAT process:

What is the Student Assistance Team?

The Student Assistance Team is a group of teachers, parents, and other support people who meet together to discuss a student’s progress and any concerns there may be.

Who requests these meetings?

Teachers, parents or other concerned support persons can request a meeting. In most cases, the student’s classroom teacher will make the request.

When are meetings held?

Meetings are generally scheduled before school, over the noon hour or after school. Meetings can also be scheduled at other times to accommodate schedules.

Who attends these meetings?

The team generally includes the classroom teacher, the principal and the SAT chairperson. The parents are encouraged to be a part of this process. Other support people may also be invited (e.g. representative of the AEA (Area Education Agency), Reading Plus teacher, nurse, counselor, etc.).

What happens at these meetings?

Generally, the classroom teacher will review the current progress of the student. Test scores and other assessments may be shared. All pertinent information will be discussed and the “team” will try to address the concerns and develop a plan of action. Usually, a follow-up meeting is scheduled to evaluate this plan and determine what additional steps need to be taken.

How long do these meetings last?

Most meetings are completed in thirty to forty-five minutes.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact Jim Snyder, SAT chairman or Rich Schulte, Principal