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Facility Planning & Bond Issue Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the bond election for $40 million, when the projects total nearly $51 million?

The additional $11 million will be paid for by utilizing sales tax dollars.

Will this cause my taxes to increase?

There will be no tax rate increase as a result of this bond issue. Your taxes may go up, but it would be due to other factors (i.e. increased assessed property valuation).

How can we take on this many projects without seeing our tax rate increase?

By extending our debt services that we already have a bit longer, it gives us the flexibility to keep our tax rate where it is. Utilizing our sales tax revenue to pay for some of the project costs also assists with this.

Were these projects part of the long-term facilities work from the past?

Most of the projects are directly taken from the work that focus groups did in regard to facilities of the last 3-5 years. Specifically, the early childhood center and the additional classroom space between Jefferson Intermediate and the Middle School were both a part of that work. The air conditioning upgrade and addition at the High School were also considered during those discussions.

Are we having to purchase the land where the early childhood building is proposed to be built?

No. That is land that the school district already owns.

Will any of the projects cause disruption to the instruction of students during the school year?

Most of the work will be done without impacting students’ instruction, at all. The projects will be planned with a priority placed upon limiting any potential disruption.

Were other options for an early childhood space pursued prior to suggesting the construction of a new building?

Yes. The option of utilizing other existing spaces in the community were looked at in the past. Costs of renovation, repair, etc. were calculated, after which it was decided that these other options were not sound financial options.

What do you need from the community at this time?

We need you to get out and vote during the general election on November 2, as the bond election will be part of this.

What ages will the early childhood center serve?

The early childhood center will serve mostly 4 years olds, but will also serve some 3 year olds.

Will there be “wrap around” care provided for the students who attend the early childhood center?

Yes. We intend to provide wrap-around care as an option for those students who attend the early childhood center. Parents will be able to choose. The all day care option eliminates the need for transitioning students elsewhere during the school day.

Will the new home side seating provide enough room for all students and patrons to have space in the bleachers during events at the stadium?

The new bleacher will add about 500 seats. It is hard to determine crowd size on any particular night, so providing a definite answer for this is difficult. We hope that the additional seating provides space for all students and patrons at an event to have room to sit in the bleachers if they so choose.

Will there be a grade level moving out of Jefferson Intermediate and into the new classrooms that are part of the bridge concept?

We anticipate that 6th grade will primarily be the grade level to utilize the new classroom spaces. This is not to be seen as the 6th grade joining the MS, but is a new space that will still be part of Jefferson Intermediate.