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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Pella Elementary Parent Teacher Organization is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote communication and sustain a close relationship between the caregivers, staff, and students in the Pella Community School District.

The PTO provides assistance by: Raising funds for educational materials and experiences, helping with classroom and school activities, promoting school and family social interaction, all while providing an unbiased forum for sharing information that impact our children at Lincoln Elementary, Madison Elementary, and Jefferson Intermediate schools

Board Members – 2019-202o

First Name Last Name Position
Angela Adam Outgoing President
Kate Rowley President
Kim Reed Vice President
Amy Pothoven Secretary, Graphic Designer
Amy Thorson Treasurer
Tracy Paulsen Google Docs
Regina Lowery Fall Fundraising
Kelly Robison Communications/Social Media
Erin Phillips School Supplies
Shonelle Sutton Madison Rep
Sarah Morrison Madison Rep
Amy Marconi Madison Rep
Madison Teacher Rep
Kaitlyn Taylor Lincoln Rep
Melissa Schettler Lincoln Rep
Jennifer Simpson Lincoln Rep
Lincoln Teacher Rep
Tracy Paulsen Jefferson Rep
Jefferson Teacher Rep

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Look for more information from your school reps regarding volunteer opportunities.

Want more information?

Email us at or find us onĀ Facebook.