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Announcements Wednesday, September 14

Published on September 14, 2022

Today’s Lunch: chicken nuggets or BBQ rib sandwich

Tomorrow’s Lunch:  BBQ chicken nachos real-slice cheese pizza


Dutch ran a great race at Osky.

The girls ran to a 1st place finish with:


Kamry Trine, Ruth Dunham, Bryn Paulsen, Lizzy Vandevoort, Erica Vos, Caitlyn Cronin, Jaeda Vanzante


The boys ran to a 2nd place finish with:

Porter Carlton, Caleb Punt, Trevin Sutton, Coben Browne, Jack Brown,Brandon Vanbaale, Garion Cutler


Great job 7th grade football! Congratulations to the 1st game on their win and the 2nd game for their great effort




-90 min early dismissal, it’s 8th grade PE and 7th health/study hall.


-We are in need of table cleaners to help with the 7th grade lunch transition.  If you would like to help, please see Mr. Lester, our head custodian, so we can begin the serving process.  Thank you!