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Announcements Wednesday, October 19

Published on October 19, 2016

We are running a regular schedule today.

Today’s Lunch: Hot Turkey Gravy or Chicken Nuggets Tomorrow’s Lunch: Fiestada Pizza or Bosco Pizza Stick

Character Counts:

  • A huge thanks to Brendan VanGorp and Logan Ford for their help with setting up PE fields this morning. Your suggestions and ideas are very much appreciated.
  • Another huge shout out to the following students for cleaning up a mess that was left by OTHER teammates on the football bus last night. Thank you to Jrake Van Hemert, Jason Knox, Nona Van Verkum, Jayden Divelbiss, Joey Van Wyk, Gavin Norton and Isaac Van Weelden. The time and effort you spent cleaning was very much appreciated.

Activity Results:

  • The 8th grade football team ended the season last night with victories over Grinnell. The green team won 39-6, finishing the season 6-0, and the white team shut out Grinnell for a 40-0 win!
  • Amazing job to both 7th and 8th grade football teams on a fun season!


  • You know how we are not allowed to wear hats in school? Well tomorrow is your chance!!It is “Hats ON for Kids Fighting Cancer” day. Donate $1 or more to the cause and wear a hat during the school day tomorrow.
  • We are not rotating PE and Health this week, so it is 7th Health and 8th PE today, and Girls Choir.
  • 8th grade PE: have what you need to be comfortable outside today.
  • Anyone who missed the mile run please meet in the gym at the beginning of 10th hour today.
  • Seventh grade volleyball players please meet in the learning street after school today for your team celebration. You have lots to celebrate!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!