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Announcements Wednesday, October 17

Published on October 17, 2018

Today’s Lunch:    Chicken Strips or Crunchy Coated Cheesestick. Tomorrow’s Lunch:  Loose-Meat Sandwich or Mac -n- Cheese

Character Counts:

  • Shout out to Riley Adams for returning a lunch card he found yesterday.  It was very much appreciated.
  • Also a huge thanks to those 7th grade football boys who stuck around and helped pick up the extra gear last night. The extra help was appreciated!
  • Thanks to Caleb Kroyman for doing an amazing job with recording the 7th grade games this season.

Activity Results:

  • Great job by the 7th grade football boys in Grinnell last night! Everybody played very well! A special shout out to the 5th & 6th quarter boys in the second game for an instant classic finish!


  • Today is 7th grade Health, 8th grade PE, and Boys Choir.  8th grade, have what you need to be outside today.
  • 8th grade orchestra students, you will have PE today.
  • 7th grade PE will head outside tomorrow, so have what you need to stay warm and dry.  Grasses will be wet first thing in the morning so you may want different shoes.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!