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Announcements Wednesday, January 29

Published on January 29, 2020

Today’s Lunch: popcorn chicken or cheese-filled breadstick

Tomorrow’s Lunch:  nachos grande or fiestada pizza

Thank you to all the students who helped set up and tear down equipment in the gym for club day.

Congratulations to the B, C, and D 7th Grade Boys Basketball teams on their wins over Indianola last night.


-90 min early dismissal, 8th grade PE, and BOYS choir 10th pd.

-Bring your Souper Bowl of Caring donations to your 10th pd by Friday Feb 7.

-Student Council wants to hear your ideas. There will be an open forum meeting held this Friday the 31st. If you would like to attend there will be a form to fill out on your 2023/24 Google Classroom explaining the meeting further.