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Announcements Tuesday, September 24

Published on September 24, 2019

Today’s Lunch:  BBQ rib sandwich or cheeseburger

Tomorrow’s Lunch: Breaded pork tenderloin sandwich or cheese-filled breadstick

Activity Schedule:

-XC will be dismissed at 2:00 to leave for their meet in Newton.

-8th grade football will be dismissed at 2:30 to leave for Norwalk. 7th grade plays at our home stadium at 4:15.

-7th grade volleyball will be dismissed at 2:45 to leave for Newton.  8th grade will play here at 4:30.

Good luck to all our athletes!


-The Student Council will host a Homecoming Dance on Friday from 3:15-7:00.  There will be dancing and dodgeball, pizza, pop, baked goods and glow sticks for sale.  It will cost $5 per person to attend.

-Homecoming Dress Up Days

Wednesday- Western Wednesday

Thursday- Hobby Day

Friday-  Green and White- Pella Pride Day


Have a fabulous day!