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Announcements Tuesday, October 4

Published on October 4, 2016

Today’s Lunch: Loose-Meat Sandwich or Grilled Chicken Sandwich Tomorrow’s Lunch: Breaded Chicken Sandwich or Breaded Tenderloin

Activity Results:

  • Dutch ran a great race at Norwalk! Boys finished 3rd and girls finished 4th.
  • Amazing job by the volleyball players against Knoxville last night. Great effort by all of our athletes.

Activity Schedule:

  • The football team will play Knoxville today; 7th grade here at home, 8th grade will head to Knoxville, dismissal at 2:45.
  • The volleyball teams will play Grinnell today; 8th grade is here at home, 7th grade will play in Grinnell, dismissal at 2:45.


  • There are some flowers to plant around the school sign today! If you are interested in helping, come to the lunchroom during 10th period. Please check in with your 10th period teacher first, and make sure all of your work is caught up before you join us.
  • 8th graders, please have your laptops for PE today. Morning classes please meet Mrs. Belding in the cafeteria.
Have a great Tuesday!