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Announcements Tuesday, January 21

Published on January 21, 2020

Today’s Lunch:  chicken strips or crunchy coated cheese stick

Tomorrow’s Lunch:  breakfast for lunch or pepperoni cheese pocket


Congratulations to the 7th Grade A and B Boys Basketball teams on their wins over Norwalk yesterday, and their teams’ wins over Newton last Thursday!

7th grade basketball will be dismissed today at 2:45 to leave for Grinnell, 8th grade plays here at 4:30.


-TODAY will be the last day of 2nd qtr, and tomorrow we will start 3rd qtr.

-7th grade PE will be dressing out tomorrow.

-The Knights of Columbus free throw contest will begin this Thursday during 10th hour for any 7th and 8th grade girl.  The boys contest will be next Friday the 31st.

Have a great day!!