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Announcements Tuesday, Jan. 19

Published on January 19, 2016

Today’s Lunch: Chicken Nuggets or Sausage Pizza Tomorrow’s Lunch: BBQ Chicken Sandwich or Hot Dog

Activity Results:

  • Great job by the 8th Grade Boys basketball Teams last night, by winning both games at South Tama. The 8th grade C team went to Knoxville last night and had a great 1 point win over Grinnell.
  • Also an amazing job by the 7th grade boys basketball teams by winning all three of their games against South Tama as well. Excellent job boys!!


  • The new lesson schedules for Mr. Tangen and Mrs. Sharp have been posted for 2nd Semester. Please check your new lesson time. Schedules are posted outside of the music department.
  • There are several activities scheduled after school today. The boys basketball team will play Grinnell, 7th is here, 8th grade will play in Grinnell, dismissal at 2:45. The girls basketball team will play Norwalk, 8th grade girls are here, 7th grade will play at Norwalk, dismissal at 2:15. And the wrestlers have a meet in Newton today, dismissal at 2:45. Good luck to all of the teams!
  • Hope Ministries is having its annual Soup-er Bowl can drive. Please help stock their pantry and donate cans of beef stew and/or chili. There is a collection box in the cafeteria.
  • Knights of Columbus will also be holding its annual Free Throw Competition. The Middle School competition will be Friday, January 22 for girls, and Friday, January 29 for boys. Entry forms are available on the days of the competition.
Have an amazing Tuesday!