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Announcements Tuesday, April 29

Published on April 29, 2014

Today’s Lunch:  Italian dunkers  Tomorrow:  crispito

Character Counts! and a huge thank you to Tiffany VanGilst for turning in jewelry that was in the locker room.  Thank you for your caring, kindness, and citizenship!


-Registration forms are available in the office for summer tennis lessons, volleyball camp, and Lady Dutch basketball camp.

-8th graders please have your PE clothes AND your laptop ready for PE.  Thanks!

-Choir students:  We have a concert tonight.  Please be in the auditorium at 5:50 for logistics, concert starts at 7:30.  Have a fabulous concert!

-7th graders if you are interested in going to Middle school Football camp this summer see Mr. Anderson for a camp form.

-Students the last ineligibility list of the year will be run on May 6th. If you are found to have an F on that date you will be ineligible for two weeks from extra curricular activities. Check your grades often and get your late work turned in. If you have any questions see Mr. Anderson.

Have a terrific Tuesday!!