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Announcements Tuesday, April 26

Published on April 26, 2016

Today’s Lunch: Cheese Pizza or Breaded Chicken Sandwich Tomorrow’s Lunch: Breakfast for Lunch

Activity Results:

  • Congratulations to the girls track teams on their outstanding performances last night at our Home track meet. The 7th grade girls were the Pella Invitation Champions, and the 8th grade finished 3rd. We had one school record – 8th grader Elsie Thoreson in the 200 M Hurdles. Nice performances ladies!
  • Congratulations to Bella VanGorp and Ellie Wiskus on their fantastic performances last night at the track! Way to go, green!
  • A special thank you to Aiden Johnson, Abbi Adrian and Reagan Arkema for their help with the Peer events last night. Your kindness and willingness to help out is much appreciated by students, staff and parents. Thanks for being sincere encouragers.


  • Today, 7th graders will be going fishing!! Have fun and catch a big one!
Choose positive thoughts, speak encouraging words, and display kind actions. It is going to be a fabulous day!