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Announcements Tues, Sept 30

Published on September 30, 2014

Today’s Lunch:  loose-meat sandwiches or hot dog  Tomorrow:  breaded chicken sandwich or pork tenderloin

Activity Results:

-8th grade volleyball:  Way to battle in a hard-fought match @ Grinnell last night. The Lady Dutch were 6-12 on the night.

-Congratulations to the 7th grade volleyball team on their matches last night at Grinnell.  One group won 7 and lost 3.  Another group won 6 and lost 4.  Total Pella: 13, Grinnell 7.


-Good luck to all the sports teams! Cross country will be dismissed at 2:30 to leave for Knoxville, 7th grade football dismissed at 2:45 to leave for Osky, 8th grade plays here at 4:15, 7th grade volleyball plays here at 4:15, and 8th grade volleyball will be dismissed at 3:00 to leave for Osky Christian.

-School pictures will be next Tuesday, Oct 7. Forms will be given out on Thursday.

Have a terrific Tuesday!