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Announcements Tues, Nov 18

Published on November 18, 2014

Today’s Celebration:

-Congratulations 7th and 8th grade speed stackers! You have beaten the old Guinness World Record with 556,559 stackers & counting!  Very impressive to be a junior high student with a Guinness World Record!

Today’s lunch:  lasagna roll or popcorn chicken pasta  Tomorrow:  breaded pork tenderloin or corn dog


-Band students will be holding a concert tonight at 7:30 in the HS auditorium.

-Sign-up for the pep bus to the UNIdome on Thursday is in the office.  Cost is $20 and is due at sign up.

-Students: Academic ineligibility will be run next Tuesday. Please have all your late work turned in ASAP. Check your grades often in infinite campus. If you have an F in a class next Tuesday at 8:30AM you will have to call home, and you will not be able to play in any extra curricular activities for two weeks.

-This Friday will be Fall Fiesta Friday from 7-10 pm here at the Middle School.  There will be lazer tag, good music, and dancing.  Cost is $5 at the door and $2 per game of lazer tag.  Sponsored by the kids going to Washington D.C.

Have a terrific Tuesday!