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Announcements Tues, Nov 11

Published on November 11, 2014

Today’s Celebration:

-Today is Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all our current and former military members for their service and sacrifice for our country. A special thanks to our veterans Mrs. Pentico and Mr. Mick.

Today’s Lunch:  loose-meat sandwich or hot dog  Tomorrow:  breaded chicken or breaded pork tenderloin sandwich


-Picture retakes are Thursday.  Please hand your picture packets to the photographer.

-There will be a student council meeting Thursday during 10th period.  Please check in with your 10th period teachers and then meet in Mrs. Pentico’s office.

We will not have regular classes tomorrow.  Please report to your 10th pd study hall for 1st period.  We will be working on reading, missing or late assignments, then holding dodge ball tournaments for each grade.  Lunch will be from 10:30-11:15, then we will walk to the high school to watch a preview of SHREK the Musical. In order to participate in the dodgeball tournament on Wednesday, you must have all your missing work completed.

Make it a great day!