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Announcements Tues, May 26

Published on May 26, 2015

Today’s Celebration:

-Congrats to Johnny Dembski who won the silver medal at Special Olympics on Thursday in the bicycling event.

Today’s Lunch:  crispito or corn dog  Tomorrow:  hot turkey gravy or breaded pork tenderloin


-Pella Soccer Club fall registration information is available in the office.

-8th graders planning on participating in HS XC this fall will meet Wed, 10th pd in Mr. Tjeerdsma’s room.

-Student council will meet today 10th pd in the learning street.  Please check in with your 10th pd teachers first.

-8th Grade Students – Remember that your high school schedules will be handed out at lunch on Wednesday.  If you have library fines, you will not receive your schedules until those are paid.

Have a terrific Tuesday!