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Announcements Thursday, December 9

Published on December 9, 2021

Today’s Lunch: walking taco or crunchy coated cheese stick

Tomorrow’s Lunch:  pepperoni pizza or spicy chicken


There is a choir concert tonight starting at 7:30 for 7th & 8th graders at the high school auditorium.  Choir students please report to the stage at 6:30.

Please make sure to dispose of your gum appropriately in all spaces and especially at lunch.  Place it in the trash, in a napkin, or in your empty milk carton.  Please do not leave it on your lunch tray; the lunch ladies prefer not to pick gum off lunch trays.  Clean up your mess, and you will have success.  The alternative is we end gum chewing at Pella MS.

-Twelve days of Christmas dress up days:

Fri:  Flannel Friday

Mon:  Seasonal Strips

Tues:  Santa’s Helpers

Wed:  Snowman Day

Thurs: Christmas Movie Character

Fri:  Ugly Sweater