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Announcements Thursday, August 26

Published on August 26, 2021

Today’s Lunch:walking taco or hot dog

Tomorrow’s Lunch: spicy chicken sandwich or pepperoni pizza

*Cold Dutchables will also be available every lunch.




-We are doing the regular schedule periods 1-4 this morning, and  LiM bootcamp in the  afternoon. Friday morning we will do Thursday’s pds 5/6-9 in the morning, and LiM again all afternoon.

-8th grade students going to recess, please go to the gym at the end of 4th period today and tomorrow.

-ALL 7th Grade students will go outside to the pool/west side for recess first today and tomorrow.

-7th Graders-please bring your laptops and planners to PE.

-School pictures will be next week Monday, Aug 30.  Forms are available in the office.