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Announcements Thursday, April 15

Published on April 15, 2021

Today’s Lunch: cheese-filled breadstick


Tomorrow’s Lunch: deli turkey & cheese




GSA will meet tomorrow after school.


Please check the lost and found on the tables outside the gym and items hanging in the gym.  Those not claimed by Friday afternoon will be donated.


Boys track will be dismissed at 2:15 to leave for their meets in Grinnell & Ottumwa. Good luck!


Congratulations to the following teams for earning a chance to play in the semi finals of the 2021 Hoops for Heart basketball tournament:

-8th grade teams playing today at the beginning of your lunch: 3rd hour and 7th hour

-7th grade teams playing today at the beginning of your lunch:  9th hour and Peer PE

The finals for each grade will be played Friday afternoon.  The champs from each grade will then play the staff team.


**We will be running the one-hour early dismissal schedule tomorrow for the tournament.


Heart fun fact:  The lub dub sound of your heart beating is from the 4 valves opening and closing.