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Announcements Thurs, Jan 29

Published on January 29, 2015

Today’s Lunch:  hot dog or loose meat sandwich  Tomorrow:  popcorn chicken or crispito


-8th grade girls basketball will be dismissed at 3:00 to leave for Oskaloosa.  7th grade plays here at 4:30.  Good luck!

-The first Friday in February every year is a day to raise awareness about heart disease being the #1 killer of women.  Pella MS is holding an awareness contest next week.  On Monday all 7th grade students and staff and on Tuesday all 8th grade students and staff will wear RED. The grade wearing the most RED on their day wins a 10th pd recess on Tuesday.  Be RED!

-The Knights of Columbus will be holding its annual spelling bee tonight at 7:00 PM at St. Mary’s Church for all students in grades 4-7.

-Student Council will meet tomorrow 10th pd.  Please check in with your 10th pd teachers then meet in Mrs. Pentico’s office.

-Students and staff:  Please view the works of art in the showcase and on the walls in the lunch room.  You will be voting for your three favorite designs on Friday afternoon.   The designs that get the most votes will be incorporated into murals that the Design classes will paint on the middle school walls.

Make it a great Thursday!