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Announcements Monday, April 19

Published on April 19, 2021

Today’s Lunch: popcorn chicken


Tomorrow’s Lunch: breaded pork tenderloin




-Girls track will be dismissed at 2:15 to leave for their meet in Ottumwa.  Good luck!

-Congratulations to all players in the 2021 Hoops for Heart tournament! It was so fun to watch you in action!

7th grade champion team:  9th hour

8th grade champion team:  3rd hour

Staff vs. students champions;  the staff!


-Thank you to everyone who lended a hand or a voice to make the tournament such an exciting and enjoyable activity.

-Character Counts! shout out to 8th grade Peer PE and Murphy 10th hour study hall students for all the help with clearing the gym Friday afternoon.  What a team you make!