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Announcements Mon, Feb 16

Published on February 16, 2015
A big thanks to all students who helped keep time, score and select music for the Hoops for Heart tournament.  Your helpfulness is appreciated.

Congratulations to all participants in the tournament.  Teamwork and hustle were evident in each group.  Final scores:  7th grade champions vs. teachers 8 to 21 and 8th grade champions 21 teachers 12.

Today’s Lunch:  corn dog or stuffed crust pizza
Tomorrow:  loose-meat sandwich or hot dog


-Parent-teacher conferences will be held this evening form 4:30-6 with open house meet and greet from 6-8 for students and parents.
-90 min early dismissal tomorrow & Thursday, 3:15 dismissal Wednesday, no school on Friday
-Students please check the bleachers during 7th grade PE classes and 8th grade lunch to pick up your items from lost and found.  Any items left after tonight’s conferences and open house will be donated.  Please make sure to pick up those things that are yours.

-Student Council will meet Tuesday and Wednesday during 10th period.  Please check in with your 10th period teachers and then meet in the conference room.
-If you have missed any section of Iowa Assessments, please see Mrs. Pentico as soon as possible to arrange a make-up time.

Make it a great day!