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Announcements Friday, October 7

Published on October 7, 2016

Today’s Lunch: Deli Sub or Cheeseburger Monday’s Lunch: Mandarin Chicken or Galaxy Round Pizza


Congratulations to all of the candidate’s who participated in this year’s student council elections. It takes a great deal of courage to run, and you also demonstrate character in your willingness to represent and serve your classmates. After a very close race, the following students are your student council representatives for the 2016-2017 school year:

8th Grade

Abbi Adrian
Ray Ches
Connor Gauley
Kaina Geetings
Ryan Hancock
Ryan Mace
Isaac Piersma
Julia Smart

7th Grade

Ella Corbin
Connor Folkers
Titus Hopkins
Riley Sorheim
Ashley Uitermarkt
Demrie VanderLeest
Tori VanVark
Joey VanWyk

  • Student Council members please meet in the cafeteria 10th period TODAY to discuss details for the upcoming student council conference.


Thank you for all who auditioned for the 2016 ICDA Opus Honor Choir Festival. Close to 3,000 applications were received this year to fill 720 positions in the four Honor Choirs.

This year Pella Middle School will be well represented at the State Honor Choir as we had 11 students accepted for this prestigious honor. The following students will be participating in the 2016 OPUS Honor Choir:

Erin Nossaman
Julia Smart
Antonio Leovan
Adam Bogaard
Caden Peters
Cayden VanEe
Daniel Krogstad
Elyse Kriegel
Mason Holland
Josh Miller
Will Rasmussen

Congratulations everyone!!

On that fabulous note…have a great Friday!