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Announcements Friday, October 21

Published on October 21, 2022

Today’s Lunch: deli turkey sandwich or cheese-filled breadstick

Monday’s Lunch:  breakfast for lunch or real-slice cheese pizza


Congratulations to Teah Hugen and Cayla Garland on receiving gold medals at yesterday’s bowling competition. They will be invited to compete at the state competition in November. Great job ladies!


A shout out to Brandon Van Baale for picking up the trash out front yesterday after lunch. Thanks, Brandon!




-The Student Council has sent a form out through the Class of 2027 and 2028 google classrooms for suggestions about things that you want done. Please fill the form out after looking at their do’s and don’ts list in google classroom if you have an idea for them. There are things that Student Council cannot do, and they will respond to all of your suggestions via email.


-The Student Council is hosting a Halloween Dress up day. We are inviting everyone to dress up in their Halloween costumes next Wednesday, the 26th. We want to ask everyone to make it appropriate for school. No blood, no graphic masks, no weapons. No characters that represent violence or terror will be acceptable. We look forward to seeing your costumes!!


-Your safety is our priority!  Please be safe when loading the bus after school.  Please be safe and wait behind the yellow lines on the sidewalk until the bus comes to a complete stop. Please be safe and avoid pushing as you form your your bus line.  Thank you for being safe when loading the bus after school.


    Attention all 8th graders interested in taking drivers education. Training Wheels allows you to take the course as soon as you obtain your permit. If you are in between fall and winter sports, sign up now to get your driver education in before winter sports begin. There is no need to wait for a specific session to begin. Sign up at when it is convenient for you or call Cindy at 641-820-0234. Drive times will be worked around your schedules.