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Announcements Friday, Nov. 20

Published on November 20, 2015

Today’s Lunch: Deli Sub or Cheeseburger Monday’s Lunch: Cherry Blossom Chicken and Rice or Galaxy Round Cheese Pizza

Activity Results:

  • Congratulations to the 9 OPUS Honor Choir students who had a fantastic concert last night on ISU’s campus.
  • Also,congratulations to the varsity football team on their win over Norwalk last night and winning the State Championship two years in a row! Way to go Dutch!!


  • There will be a student council meeting on Monday during 10th period in the cafeteria. Please check in with your 10th period teachers first, then come down to the lunch room.
  • This holiday season give a gift to a needy family in Peru or Bolivia and join the Spanish classes and their organization, Heifer International, by purchasing a llama for $150. Drop your donations at the container in room 214 or to the office during the next 5 weeks.
Have a great Friday and maybe a snow-y weekend!