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Announcements Friday, May 23

Published on May 23, 2014

Today’s Celebration:

-It’s the last Friday of the year!

-Thanks to everyone that helped send Ethan and Frankie to Special Olympics!  Frankie took 1st place and Ethan took 2nd.

Today’s Lunch:  deli sub  Tuesday’s Lunch:  lasagna roll


-All library books need to be returned and fines paid today.

-We are still looking for 7th grade acts for the talent show!!  7th graders, if you are interested in showing off your talents the last day of school, please join us.  We will be rehearsing during 10th period in the band room.

-8th graders interested in being Pella High School Ambassadors next year, applications are due to Mrs. Pentico by the end of the day today.

 -7th grade, soon to be 8th grade VB players:  There will be a meeting for summer camps, practices, and information on Wednesday, May 28, during 10th period in the cafeteria.
-Credit given for completed PE make-up work turned in by 3:30 pm Tuesday.  See Mrs. Belding with questions.
-Students that missed running the mile with their PE classes, please meet Mrs. Belding in the cafeteria right after you’ve checked in with your 10th hour teacher.
-Seventh graders interested in being a partner for Peer Partner next year please see Mrs. Belding for more information and an application form.

-7th grade orchestra students will have PE and orchestra on Wednesday during 8th hour.
Have a wonderful weekend!