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Announcements Fri, Oct 10

Published on October 10, 2014

Today’s Lunch:  cheeseburger or hot ham & cheese  Monday:  crispito or corn dog

Activity Results:

-A big shout out goes to the 7th grade volleyball team on their performances last night against Knoxville!  Impressive night on the volleyball court ladies!  The Little Dutch went from 5 wins on Monday against Knoxville to 13 last night!

-Congratulations 8th grade lady dutch on a fantastic night on the volleyball court.  The girls defeated Knoxville 17 games to 3 games last night.


-If you haven’t found the lost and found area at the middle school yet this year, please do find it and see if any of your items are in there.  Please check the hanging area and the bin area.  Many sweatshirts, some jeans and shorts, some hairbrushes, shoes, etc. are waiting for their owners to pick them up.

-8th grade PE students have what you need to run the mile on this gorgeous day!

Have a fantastic Friday!