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Announcements Wednesday, June 5

Published on June 5, 2019

Today’s Lunch: Grilled hamburgers  Tomorrow’s Lunch: Sack lunch


  • We are having 16 minute classes this morning, grilling out for lunch, and going the movie this afternoon.  Enjoy!
  • Talent show participants, please listen carefully to this announcement for tomorrow’s (today’s) show. First, check in with your 10th hour teacher Thursday morning. Second, turn in your laptop in the library. Third, bring everything you need for your performance and meet in the lunchroom by 8:45am. We will then head over to the church for a short rehearsal. Peer PE and video participants do not need to attend the rehearsal
  • Extra yearbooks are available for purchase in the office for $15.  Please remember to put your name in your yearbook!
  • Today is 7th grade health and 8th grade PE
Have a wonderful Wednesday!