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Announcements Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Published on October 3, 2023

Lunch Menu:

-Seasoned Loose-Meat Sandwich

-Calzone with marinara sauce



School pictures will be handed out in the commons during lunch today.  Please stop by to pick yours up.

-A Central College rep will be visiting in the Senior Lounge today during Smart Lunch. 

-Any student wishing to bring a guest to the homecoming dance that attends a different high school or has already graduated, will need to fill out a guest form and have it returned to the main office by tomorrow, Wednesday, October 4th.  Forms can be picked up in the main office.



-HoCo Results:

-Monday dress-up

1st Freshmen, 2nd Sophomores, 3rd Seniors, 4th Juniors

1st Alex Demuth, 2nd Riley Sterk, 3rd Macy Westerkamp, 4th Abner Erickson

Door Decorating

1st Seniors, 2nd Sophomores, 3rd Juniors, 4th Freshmen

1st Yoder, 2nd Cutler, 3rd Blanton, 4th Lyons Honorable Mention Arndt

-Congrats to the JV football team on their win over Newton last night. 

-Congrats to the cross country teams on their wins last night.

-Good luck to the volleyball teams as they host Indianola tonight.