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Announcements May 2, 2014

Published on May 2, 2014

Today’s thought on Character Counts

Realize how good you really are. OG Mandin


Seniors – you need to complete a survey that was sent to your school email address.  This survey must be done prior to graduation.

It is time to vote for your next Student Body President and Vice-President. Starting on Tuesday you may vote for the tandem of Trevor Argo and Seth Johnson or the duo of Colin Jones and Jamison Roozeboom through your Google Docs. Voting will end on Friday with the winners announced at the end of the day. Remember, you may only vote once.

Congratulations to new Student Council members: Adam Sievers, Lauren Kriegel, Ally Canfield, and Nicole Schnebbe.

Please pick up card tables from Carnaby Club.

All Marching Dutch members – Take your uniforms and instruments with you before you leave school today.

Speech & Drama

Please turn in Thespian points today if you participated in Speech and Drama this year.