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Announcements Friday, December 9, 2022 — HS

Published on December 9, 2022

Lunch Menu

Cheesy Pull Apart Bread or Bosco Sticks


There are 10 school days to go until winter break. For our Christmas countdown, we are doing acts of kindness for each remaining day. Today, tell 10 people why you appreciate them.

We have an Angel Giving Tree set up outside of the office. Feel free to pick up an ornament! There will be a description of a gift for an unknown person in our community on the back. If you choose to wrap your gift, we ask that you put it in a gift bag, and not wrapping paper. Please have all gifts returned by Wednesday, December 14. 

SENIORS – Today at the beginning of iLearn A we are going to take a giant Class of 2023 photo. We will be completely set up, ready to go starting at 11:15. If all seniors can get to the gym by 11:25, we will be done and out of there in 5 minutes. 

Lost and found table is outside the main office. At the end of semester, any remaining items will be donated. 


Congrats to Emmalee Spurgeon, Elaine Babcock, Isabella smith and Meav Swank on their wins last night in wrestling. 

Congrats to the boys wrestling team as they win both duals.

Congrats to the boys and girls bowling teams on their wins yesterday.

Good luck to the boys and girls basketball teams as they host Grinnell tonight. 

Good luck to the jazz band tomorrow.

Good luck to the boys and girls wrestling teams tomorrow 

Good luck to the boys swimming team tomorrow at Marshalltown. 

Good luck to the bowling teams tomorrow as they host P.C. 

Good luck to the robotics team tomorrow.