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Announcements August 21, 2014

Published on August 21, 2014

Today’s thought on Character Counts

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.  Author Unknown


Walking Taco or Chicken Wrap


Class meetings today after 2nd period.  Freshmen meet in the east gym; Sophomores meet in the west gym; Juniors meet in the cafeteria; Seniors meet in the auditorium.

Please bring your lunch card to lunch.

Lunch Schedule Change

Mr. Buchheit (iStudy) will change to first lunch.

Mrs. Arndt (Math 2) will change to third lunch.

Adaptive P.E. peers will meet in Mr. Fesslers room 5th hour today.

Join the fun and audition for “Shrek, the Musical” on Thursday or Friday this week, before or after school.  There is a sign-up on the choir room door.  All high school students are eligible to audition!  There are LOTS of opportunities for acting, singing, tap-dancing, lights, make-up, pit band and backstage!  

Students need to have parking tags by Monday.

Students: if you did not get your lunch/student ID card yesterday and you are not a new student, please see Charma, located by the east gym. Some cards did not get picked up yesterday at lunch.


 If you were in a spring or summer sport and did not attend you rbanquet, please see Charma for your certificate.

Are you interested in F.C.A? If so we are having a kickoff BBQ at Coach Anderson’s house at 511 E. 15th st across from the Middle School.  It is Monday August 24th at 6;30 pm .If you have any questions  on what F.C.A. is or need directions see Garret Jansen or Seth Johnson.

Football Fear the Dutch t-shirts are available in Charma’s office for $5.00. Wear it for the first home football game for White Out Night.