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Announcements Thurs, Aug 21

Published on August 21, 2014
Good morning!

Today’s Lunch:  walking taco  Tomorrow:  deli sub


-If your locker combination is not working, please see the office

-Football and volleyball practice starts today. Cross country will start Monday.  Please turn in your physical, concussion form, and emergency card to the office before practice begins.

-8th Volleyball – Remember Practice starts tonight in the MS gym @ 3:30.  Leave your Laptops in your lockers, and you will be able to retrieve them after practice.  Please bring a pen/pencil to practice, and dress in practice clothes ready to work out.

-Girls involved in athletics please put your bags in your hall lockers.

– Lanyards for them are available in the office for $2.

-If you need to leave during the school day for an appointment please bring a note to the office before school starts to get a permit to leave the building. If you will be absent please have your parent call the school to report your absence before 8:45 am.

-Today we will run a one-hour early dismissal schedule with a long 10th pd from 1:57-3:15. 8th grade laptop roll-out will be during that time.  7th grade and new student laptop roll-out will be from 6-8 pm in the gym.

Make it a great day!