Pella Madison Building Photo

Pella Madison Elementary


950 East University
Pella, IA 50219


Phone: (641) 628-4638
Fax: (641) 628-9183


John Steddom


Elizabeth Epperly

Current School Hours

8:25 AM - 3:25 PM (Dropoff: 8:00 AM)
Office: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Announcements & Alerts

Mon, Sep 15

Madison News   9-15-2014 We are just about half way through our first quarter of the year! As always, time if flying by. Our students are settled in and moving... Read More

Grade Levels

Bright Minds for a Bright Future

“Learned institutions ought to be favorite objects with every free people. They throw that light over the public mind which is the best security against crafty and dangerous encroachments on the public liberty.” -James Madison, letter to W. T. Barry, August 4, 1822

Madison Elementary School serves approximately 550 students in grades preschool through 3rd. We provide special education services for approximately 75 students in all levels of special education. School age special education students are integrated into their regular education classrooms throughout their day. Our building sits in the southeast corner of the community and is less than 10 years old. We are a Character Counts! school and strive to assist students in developing their minds and their character.