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Our District Safety and Security Standard Response Protocol

PCSD has adopted the work of the I Love You Guys Foundation, and the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

The SRP identifies five actions that can be taken in response to a variety of emergency situations:

    1. Lockout – When there is a threat outside of the building.  Students, staff and visitors are secured inside the school to reduce the risk of exposure.
    2. Lockdown – When there is a threat inside the building. Room doors are locked, lights are out and individuals move out of sight.
      • Students and staff will hear an announcement:  “Locks, lights out of sight.”
    3. Evacuate – Move to a new location.
    4. Shelter – When there is a hazard requiring the need for personal safety.
    5. Hold – Stay in the classroom to keep hallways clear.

Please see the Standard Response Protocol Flyer for more detail.