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Our District Safety and Security Parent/Guardian Roles

If You See Something, Say Something®

Parents/Guardians play an important role in school safety and we ask that you report any concerns to the school or contact our local law enforcement.   If there is an emergency, call 9–1–1.

During a School Emergency

The first instinct of many parents/guardians when hearing of a school emergency is to call or show up at the school.  We ask that you please avoid calling or coming to the school during an emergency situation.  Our main priority will be to keep students and staff safe, and we will need our attention directed toward that goal.  In the event that law-enforcement is involved, a crowd forming at the school can hinder them from safely neutralizing the situation and executing rescue efforts when needed.

  • The best action parents/guardians can take during a school emergency is to stay close to their phones and/or computers so they can receive communication with updates and instructions from the school.

After a School Emergency

Parents/Guardians will be updated as soon as it is determined safe to do so.