Digital Flash Mob

The Setup

On Friday September 5th at exactly 1:25pm, The Pella IT department initiated the first ever “Digital Flash Mob.” Many of you are familiar with the term “Flash Mob” which usually represents a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place to perform a synchronized act for fun. Our digital version of the flash mob concept took over control of all student 1:1 computers at the same time and run a synchronized video on all machines! The video that the students unexpectedly found themselves viewing was a video about digital citizenship. The video was designed by the Pella IT department and created with the help of students and Josiah Brandt (HS Spanish Teacher). We are excited to promote digital citizenship with this fun activity we have coined as a “Digital Flash Mob”.

The Video

Recap and Reaction

Here is a short video our IT department put together with some of the video from inside the classroom during the flash mob.