Facility Planning


Community vote passed April 2, 2013

75% community approval

The following information has been collected from various community groups. In the Spring of 2012, a group of approximately 50 toured each of the education facilities in the Pella Community School District. As a result, facility strengths and areas of concern were derived. This information was prioritized and approximate costs were gathered. An additional committee was formed to review the work and address specific questions that were put together by the administrative team. At the conclusion of those meetings, it was decided to ask the Board of Education to consider a special election on April 2, 2013. The bond issue includes:

  • Redesign entrances at the high school, middle school, and Jefferson so all visitors enter through the main office for security measures. Other safety and security issues will be addressed as well (security cameras, door access/card readers, interior door locks, etc)
  • Build, furnish and equip a new elementary building to replace the current Lincoln Elementary School (location will be decided by School Board after reviewing survey results)
  • Build, furnish and equip a career academy building (this will be a partnership between DMACC, Pella Community Schools, Pella Christian High School – students will be able to receive dual credit in ten career readiness areas of need.)
  • Significant improvements will be made to the high school – commons area, drop off/pick up, arts addition (including art department, choir room, scene shop, etc), athletic renovation/addition (including wrestling room addition, fitness/weight room expansion, locker room addition/renovation), administration addition, bring facility up to code for Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Improvements to the middle school include: removal of three classrooms and create learning centers, renovate restrooms, replace partition walls with full height walls to resolve acoustic issue, add additional classroom space
  • Improvements at Madison will be focused on the playground area (green space and drainage)
  • At this time, the district is very aware of the heating/cooling and air ventilation issues. The Board, through other funds, plan to address these issues in the near future.

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