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Please use the approved logo images below for any Pella Community School District use.

Official Colors of Pella Dutch

Primary Palette

Pella Green
(in lieu of use Pantone® 357 C)
Process Equivalent: 92c 18m 94y 61k
RGB Equivalent: 30r 77g 43b
Madeira Thread: 1904
Hex Code: 1E4D2B
Pella Gray
(in lieu of use Pantone® 428 C)
Process Equivalent: 4c 1m 0y 22k
RGB Equivalent: 193r 198g 200b
Madeira Thread: 1811
Hex Code: C1C6C8

Pella Green and Pella Gray are the official colors for Pella Schools and are shown above. It is very important to match these colors faithfully when reproducing the Pella marks. It is greatly preferred that all Pella marks be used in full color whenever possible.

Support Colors


In addition to the primary palette, the Pella marks utilize white and black as important support colors.